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Wednesday • January 17, 2018
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Season’s greetings and best wishes from the young men of Iota Chi! As I am sure you are aware, the new tax plan starting in the new year makes it difficult for many people to get an itemized deduction for charitable contributions. With just a few days until the new year, there’s no better time to donate to Iota Chi’s Derby Days for Spring 2018!

The Sigma Chi International Fraternity is searching for applicants to fill a temporary, six-month resident expansion coordinator position working with its new colony at San Diego State University.

The resident expansion coordinator is a full-time temporary position, starting on Jan. 9, 2017, and ending on June 9, 2017, working within the undergraduate services department at Sigma Chi International Headquarters. The primary responsibility of the resident expansion coordinator is to provide direct administrative oversight by the Fraternity during the colonization process. This includes providing consistent and hands-on guidance to all members of the colony, acting as the Magister for the colony, providing Sigma Chi leadership programming and training, and acting as an adviser and liaison between colony members, the colony advisory board and the university's administration.

The San Diego Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter is pleased to announce our newest Sigma Chi chapter at California State University San Marcos will be installed on November 7, 2015. 

These young men have been diligently working towards this goal for nearly 3 years now, and we hope that we are able to show them the lifelong commitment of Sigma Chis from all over Southern California throughout their I-Week as well as at the Initiation ceremony and the Installation Banquet.

With the current pledge class and colony alumni, we expect to initiate 50 new Sigma Chi brothers.

Please see our calendar for the event details and where we need alumni volunteers.

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact Grand Praetor - Southern California Province - Asher Kalef at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (760) 464-1584

Thank you for the support and enthusiasm. Please feel free to pass along to other alumni brothers. An installation is certainly a momentous event in Sigma Chi and I hope you are able to share it with us!

Last month, the Sigma Chi International Fraternity partnered with Lyft, the popular ride sharing program, to provide safe and discounted rides to Sigs across North America by testing with a local chapter participants earned free credit for the ride-sharing program.

From Oct. 27 to Nov. 21, Sigs were encouraged to sign up for Lyft rides by using chapter-specific codes that gave them up to $25 in credit for a complimentary ride. The chapter whose code was used most frequently won a three-foot tall Fraternity badge declaring it the winner of the contest from Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters, and members were also encouraged to create social media posts about the partnership using the hashtag #sigmachiandlyft.


I was initiated into Sigma Chi Fraternity over 11 years ago. Each day since, I've have tried to live my life built on the high ideals of Sigma Chi Fraternity. Friendship, Justice, and Learning embody who I am. As your Alumni Chapter President for the past three years, and I’m happy to announce my professional career is taking the next step.

The ceremonies and words contained in the Ritual forge a common bond that links all Sigma Chis together. Every brother observes the same scenes, hears the same words and lives the same experience. If performed correctly, our ceremonies of Initiation give the Fraternity continuity and structure, and foster pride among our brotherhood.

Ensuring that every initiate at each of our 243 undergraduate chapters has the same experience is no easy task, especially when 22 different historical editions of the Ritual have been used at some point in the Fraternity's history.

At our October 2013 luncheon, the San Diego Sigma Chi alumni chapter welcomes San Diego mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer.

Long before the era of the internet, the San Diego Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter published a regular newsletter called "SigNatures".

All brothers are invited to participate in the Fraternity's inaugural Ritual Renaissance training, launching this fall.

The Delta Xi Chapter of Sigma Chi at will face disciplinary actions from San Diego State University related to actions that include an alleged hazing incident.

A new twist on a classic?

Sigma Chi needs local alumni to assist a starting a new colony in February 2013.

A wonderful Significant Sig has passed away.

Sigma Chi Brothers:

William Smith Ovitt, age 86, passed away at his home in San Diego, on November 7, 2012.